AquaVia is now on shelves at Sainsbury’s

10 July 2019 |

AquaVia is now on shelves at Sainsbury’s

AquaVia is now on shelfs at Sainsbury’s throughout the UK. Sales are increasing and so is the awareness-building process through various medias to inform the consumer on why they should drink AquaVia. Various community events are lining up as well to fulfill our engagement and responsibility to the brand.

Continuous efforts are done in collaboration with one of our distributors – Brands Direct – to get more shelf space and publicity in the convenience, whole sales and retail section.

The current range is 0,5l and 1l.



The Brands House, Brands Direct Ltd

Marketing Executive: Sophie Lyas

61 Kings Road, Halstead, Essex, CO9 1HA,UK

Tel Office: +44 (0) 1787 479124;

Fax: 01787 473093


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