The Best Guided Meditations for Overcoming Fear

7 January 2020 |

The Best Guided Meditations for Overcoming Fear

Do you feel fearful, anxious or generally overcome by life, the universe and everything? It’s OK. You’re not alone. There are many ways to reduce the fear that’s holding you back and some are as easy as scrolling through YouTube. Take the first step towards a calmer existence by finding a quiet corner and listening to these guided meditations. In doing so, you’ve already begun to win the fight against your fears. 

Opening and Calming by Tara Brach 

Before you can seek ways to transform your fears (or if you are new to guided meditation), why not start with this calming meditation from established practitioner Tara Brach. You’ll learn to slow your mind and stop that hamster wheel of negative thoughts, giving your mind a refreshing and well-earned break.

Reduce Panic, Anxiety and Worry by The Honest Guys 

The Honest Guys’ free guided meditations and relaxing soundscapes have reached almost 300 million people since 2009. Learn to free yourself from panic, anxiety and worry by listening to these words. They’ll take you on a calming journey to a place where you feel safe to release yourself from panic, anxiety and worry through the repetition of simple yet powerful positive affirmations.

Freedom from Fear with Free Bird Meditations

Katie of Free Bird Meditations is a mental health therapist who works to reduce people’s stress, anxiety, depression and lack of focus. Make this your go-to guided meditation when you’re ready to start releasing the fears and negative thoughts that don’t serve you well any more. Listen to Katie to get yourself back on the positive and productive path that will ultimately lead your mind to freedom.

Hypnosis to Overcome Fears and Phobias by Michael Sealey 

In his guided meditations, Michael uses self-hypnosis to create a state of deep relaxation and focus. This creates a tranquil environment where positive suggestions can be absorbed by our subconscious minds. This guided self-hypnosis is designed to help you overcome your own unique fears. Whether you’re anxious about work, going out, driving in new cities, social situations, certain animals or specific events, Michael’s approach can help you control and reduce your fears.

Overcome Fear by Brett Larkin

Brett Larkin Yoga is one of the world’s premier course providers for online yoga teacher training. This meditation takes you into a figurative cave where you meet your shadow self and face your fears. Learn how to embrace and thank these parts of you before letting them go to focus on more productive thoughts. Free yourself from fear and self-limiting thoughts.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress: Clear the Clutter to Calm Down by Sara Raymond 

Clearing the physical clutter at home can reduce stress and bring clarity to your life. Clearing your mind by following this deep relaxation meditation can have a similar effect on your mental health. Overcome your fears with this stress-reducing journey of deep relaxation. 

Releasing Fear by Dr Judith Orloff

Dr Judith Orloff MD is a psychiatrist, a New York Times best-selling author and an intuitive healer seeking to improve wellness through wisdom. Fear is a form of stress. Though it can protect us – think ‘fight or flight’ – frequent fearful feelings, especially unfounded ones, can become harmful. This meditation is about releasing and surrendering fear and about the strength waiting to be found when you’re able to do so.  

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