The World’s Wildest Waterfalls

17 July 2019 |

The World’s Wildest Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a wonder of the natural world. They can be hypnotic, vertigo-inducing or romantic but it’s the wild ones we really love; from the world’s highest cascade to a plunge pool in a cave. 

Cascada Cailor, Romania

Deep in the Carpathian Mountains – where AquaVia is bottled at source – is Cascada Cailor, Romania’s highest waterfall. It has an impressive 95m drop and its nickname is the Horses’ Waterfall. Legend has it that the horses once brought here to graze were chased by bears until, cornered, they jumped into the abyss. It’s in the Rodnei National Park so though wild, you can daytrip it rather than needing to take a camo-clad sabbatical.

Angel Falls, Venezuela


Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfalls (979m with a plunge of 807m). Niagara is just over 51m high, to put this aquatic phenomenon into perspective. The Falls cascade down Auyán-Tepui, Venezuela’s iconic table-topped mountain. Some intrepid companies offer abseiling trips down the falls, but even a swim in the pools and rapids beneath will earn you serious brownie points! Feeling adventuresome? Pack your wingsuit and cross your fingers.

Cascadas El Chiflon, Mexico


There’s an uphill trek to reach the Cascadas El Chiflón in Mexico, but the cooling waters and rainbow streaked sprays are worth the effort. There’s a zipline from top to bottom if you want to up the adventure ante, and it’s the perfect spot for wild swimming and waterfall wanderings. The waters are a piercing, other-worldly blue. Get ready to capture the ultimate envy-inducing selfies (#nofilter).

Iguazú National Park, Argentina


If one injection of wild waterfall won’t sate your thirst, head to Argentina’s Iguazú National Park. Fittingly, Iguazú means ‘big water’ and this place brims and bursts with high-octane cascades – 275 of them in fact. All proclivities are catered for, from remote wilderness falls to the world-renowned Devil’s Throat – the highest of the park’s plunges. Impressive. And not the place to practice your next synchronised swimming routine.

Smoo Cave, Scotland

Smoo is a large cave carved into the limestone cliffs in Scotland’s myth-shrouded Highlands. Its name comes from the Norse smuga or hiding-place. Explore by boat or take the trails into the interior and go alone and off season for a solitary subterranean experience. If you pop a Danish design book and some candles into your rucksack, you could create your very own ‘hygge smuga’ down there…

Harness the raw power of nature with AquaVia – one of the world’s world’s most alkaline waters, with a pH of 9.4. Deep in the Carpathian Valley, AquaVia is extracted from aquifers hundreds of meters deep and bottled at the source in order to preserve its superior taste and special properties.


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